Yoan Moncada is back at the gates of the Mayors, now with Chicago

Yoan Moncada could be at the gates of the majors for the second time in less than a year. But before that, the Cuban infielder came together for the second consecutive season in the Future Star Game, this time at Marlins Park in Miami.

Moncada, who debuted in the majors last season with the Boston Red Sox, continues as MLBPipeline.com’s # 1 all-around prospect. With all the cameras placed in him and the many demands of the press present in the City of the Sun, he has behaved as such the former player of Cienfuegos in the National Series of Cuba.

“I feel good, because because of the work I’ve done I’m here,” Moncada said. “I have done well now in the minor league and I feel better day by day, to feel better for when they call me.”

That call could come in the coming months from the Chicago White Sox, Moncada’s team last December in the change in which left-handed Chris Sale to the Robins.

With Triple-A Charlotte this year, Moncada batters .282 with .380 base percentage, .451 (.831 OPS) slugging, 11 homers, 33 RBIs and 16 stolen bases. He lost some time in May due to an injury to his left thumb but has recovered from that ailment and a small slump in June.

In a general sense, the White Sox have been conformed as the main piece that arrived at his organization by who was his ace in the mound during several years. And in particular, the improvement in second base has been remarkable.

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