Venezuelan Gorkys Hernandez stays focused and positive

Two solid seasons followed in Triple-A, plus some experience in the Major Leagues with other teams, made the San Francisco Giants think that in the Venezuelan Gorkys Hernandez could have an ideal reinforcement for their body of gardeners with a view to the season of 2017.

The defense has been there since it first started a major league campaign in April of this year, but with the exception of some outstanding moments with the wood, the batting has not come out consistently for the native Güiria, state Sucre, in the east of Venezuela.

The Giants have played a few moves on their roster to try to improve their offense but are still confident that 29-year-old Hernandez can emulate the right-hander who hit .302 with the Sacramento River Cats at Triple-A in 2016.

“It would be good to get a contribution from Gorkys [with the wood],” admitted Giants leader Bruce Bochy. “He has not been as consistent as himself and, to be honest, we would have liked it.” The constant has been his defense, covering a lot of ground in the gardens. The one he has now, but he has also lined up against right-handed pitchers. ”

For the Giants batting instructor, Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens, the difference is that Hernandez has lacked aggressiveness when consuming his turns.

“He’s been a bit shy on the plate at times,” Meulens said. “He has to be more aggressive so that he can have more lightness with the bat and in that way make stronger contact in a more consistent way with the ball.He showed last year that he can do it.It is something mental and psychological that one has to surpass to be The player one is accustomed to being. ”

A good recent result of Hernandez was when he struck two important hits to veteran knucklehead R.A. Dickey, of the Atlanta Braves, in Giants triumph in which he also shone with a great play.

“It is not easy to connect the knuckle ball but five years ago I faced Dickey and I could hit a home run,” recalled Hernandez. “I tried to focus on that pitch, which for him is very good and moves quite a lot. In the left field I could make that play, although the angle is different to the one you have when playing in the center. Also for me”.

Hernandez, who hit .378 by going to the Mexican League with the Tigers of Quintana Roo in 2014, thanks the Giants for the opportunity, although he knows he must give up the offense to stay all year with the Bay team .

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