United States: 2017 World Baseball Classic Champion!

Puerto Rico was again at the doorstep of the World Baseball Classic for the second time in a row.

Marcus Stroman claimed a one-hit jewel in six innings and Ian Kinsler supported him with a two-run homer for the United States to climb to the top of the world ball in his first appearance in the final with a 8-0 win against the Ninth country against 51,565 fans at Dodger Stadium.

Puerto Rico could not match the Dominican Republic’s gestation, its executioner of 2013, to raise the Platinum trophy of the Classic in an undefeated manner then demonstrate its offensive power in seven appearances and create a positive movement throughout the island with its communion of hair painted gold.

Thus, the United States avenged the 6-5 defeat against the Puerto Ricans in the second round in San Diego with a bleached to become the kings of baseball of the planet, a title that alluded to in the past editions always having the label of favorite .

Stroman, a Puerto Rican mother, was another in Los Angeles after allowing six hits for four clean runs against the Puerto Ricans in the first inning back at Petco Park.

In the North American movie mecca, the Toronto Blue Jays opener had a movie presentation, tying the bats of Puerto Rico for six episodes, accustomed to punishing the opposing pitchers throughout the tournament. Only gave a base to Carlos Beltran, who played his last Classic after four appearances, before Ángel Pagán connected a double in the bottom of the seventh.

Stroman, 25, left the game to the dugout announcing his completed performance against the Puerto Ricans for what was perhaps the most important victory of his career.

The lowest number of indisputable for Puerto Rico in this Classic was six in the 3-1 victory over the Dominicans, champion of 2013, in the second phase. In addition, they averaged 7.1 runs in seven games.

Last night, they only hit three and were overwhelmed by the powerful US Novena with 13 hits.

Before the shipments of Seth Lugo, Kinsler, initial bat of the Americans, disappeared by the central garden for the first two races of the new monarchs.

Gardener Enrique ‘Kike’ Hernandez did his best to try to catch the ball by bouncing back on the wall, but he immediately knelt with his hands to his head at the fate thrown with the sound of Kinsler’s bat.

Christian Yelich and Andrew McCutchen again punished Lugo in the fifth inning, extending the United States lead, both pushing the third and fourth lines of the United States, respectively.

Brando Crawford put the championship triumph in safety gear with a two-run single against veteran reliever J.C. Romero in the seventh inning, credited to José Orlando Berríos.

Despite striking out seven, Lugo took the loss after allowing three runs and five hits in four innings after winning his first two outings in the Classic.

The main figures of the selection will arrive today in Puerto Rico to celebrate their success as double runners-up of the Classic before a town that was paralyzed and celebrated them for the dreamy journey that they had again until the end.


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