Top 10 MLB shortstops by 2017

1. Francisco Lindor (Cleveland Indians)
The player of eternal smile, one of those guys that makes you happy the day when you see him play, enjoy every game, every moment. Two years in MLB and has become the best Shortstop, the defensive position probably more complex after catcher. He has played 257 games, an AVG of .306 and an OPS of .810. It was Golden Glove in 2016 and ninth in the voting of MVP. A lot of future in this 26 year old player.

Projection: The last data of the table, the percentage, is the best since it is his WAR on the average of the best 30 in his position of the MLB, 141% better, being 2.24 the average of WAR. The one who will get more Hits according to the projections, 170. The best defensively, 23.9 points, and his offense is not bad at all.

2. Corey Seager (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Another 22 year old. Rookie of the Year in 2016, third in MVP voting, Silver Bat. 184 matches in the MLB, .312 AVG, .892 OPS and 30 Home Runs. It is his third year in the MLB, in the first only played 27 games, so his season is more complicated, when the pitchers have already studied it and can find their “defects.” It came with the promise label with more future and is not disappointing. With many numbers to become a big star of this sport.

Projection: A 127% better than the average in WAR, which will get more HR, 23. A large number of offensive (17.5 points) and defensive (11.6).

3. Carlos Correa (Houston Astros)
Another young player, 22 years old. This will be his third season in MLB. So far he has played 252 games, 42 HR, a .276 AVG and a .811 OPS. Rookie of the year in 2015. His stats on AVG have been very similar during his first two campaigns, but it seems that his batting power has diminished or more logically, has been better studied by rivals and has not allowed him so many HR. In 2015 he got 22 in 99 games and last season 20 in 153 games.

Projection: 114% better than average on WAR. The player with a better OPS .828 of the 10, and also the best offensively with 19.8 points, defensively walks somewhat looser, 5.7 points.

And so far the three best players by far, since the following is 45% less than WAR than Carlos Correa.

4. Xander Bogaerts (Boston Red Sox)
He is only 24 years old, champion with the Red Sox in 2013 with 21 years. Winner of the Silver Bate in 2015 and 2016. He has improved a lot on the plate, from 7 HR in 2015 to 21 the following year, from 32 Bases per Balls to 58. He will be a free agent after the 2019 season and his agent is Scott Boras , So the Red Sox are going to have tough negotiations to keep him on the team.

Projection: 69% better than average on WAR. The player with the highest AVG of the ten, .296, one step from the .300. Better offensive player than defensive.

5. Addison Russell (Chicago Cubs)
We already talked about him as second base, but also appears in this classification of Shortstop. 23, his third season in the MLB, Cubs title holder and a ring. A curious statistic: When the count goes 1-0 it gets a OPS of 1,322, with 2-0 a 2,518 of OPS and with a 3-1 a 1,250 of OPS. When he gets two balls and no strike is a demolishing player, when he is pressed with a strike, his numbers fall.

Projection: 56% better than average on WAR, the third that will get fewer Hits -122-, which will have a worse AVG (.247), with negative numbers offensively, -2.6 points, but a great defender, 18.7 points.

6. Andrelton Simmons (Los Angeles Angels)
27, of Curaçao, 5 years in MLB and a player who bases most of his potential in defense. 35 HR throughout his career, and 17 in 2013, a .671 OPS and a .261 AVG. But since 2012 he is the leader in Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) with 131, the second is Jason Heyward with 92, the next in the classification as Shortstop is Brandon Crawford with 61 DRS.

Projection: 47% better than average in WAR. The one that will get less HR (8), the one that will be less eliminated by Strikeout (46), the smaller OPS (.700) and the worst offensively (-5.4), but the second best defensively (20.3 points).

7. Brandon Crawford (San Francisco Giants)
30 years. Champion with the Giants in 2012 and 2014. Silver Bats in 2015 and Golden Gloves in both 2015 and 2016. An eminently defensive player, a .712 OPS and 59 HR throughout his career. It brings the experience and know how to be in the field. A team player that is essential in a team that wants to become champion.

Projection: 47% better than average on WAR. An offensive work that is evaluated as negative (-2.4), but the fourth best defense with 15 points.

8. Troy Tulowitzki (Toronto Blue Jays)
32 years. An AVG during his .292 career, which got much worse in 2016 (.254), though he got 24 HR. More power and fewer hits, a long distance hitter, that can save you a tricky match. This year without Incarnation its protagonism and responsibility should be greater.

Projection: A 25% better than the average in WAR, which will get fewer Hits, 117, and the third with more HR, 20. Offensively 2.5 points and defensively 7.6 points.

9. Aledmys Diaz (Saint Louis Cardinals)
His second season in the MLB for this Cuban player of 26 years. All Star and fifth in the Rookie vote of the year in 2016. 17 HR and an OPS of .879. He will face the problem of the second year, the hardest for most newbies, but much is expected of him, by his class and his age. He is no longer a child.

Projection: 11% better than average on WAR. 7 offensive points and the worst defensively, -0.6.

10. Jung Ho Kang (Pittsburgh Pirates)
This is the second season for the 29-year-old Korean player of the Pirates, during these two years he has achieved 36 HR and a .838 OPS. His problems may appear off the field, he had problems with alcohol in December, he was arrested for the third time on this issue, and he will begin a rehabilitation program.

Projection: 7% better than average on WAR. The most hit by the pitcher, 12. 7.3 offensive points and a near negative defense, 0.3 points.

Other Candidates

There are other players who could also enter the top ten list: Didi Gregorius, Jean Segura, Brad Miller, Trevor Story, José Iglesias, Tim Anderson and Dansby Swanson.


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