The legendary Rubén Amaro Sr. died.

Mexican Ruben Amaro Sr., a former shortstop who won the Golden Glove with the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1960s, passed away at age 81.

The Phillies reported that Amaro died in Miami on Friday.

In this archive photo of March 7, 1959, Phillies player Ruben Amaro poses at the training grounds in Tampa, Florida. Amaro passed away on Friday, March 31, 2017, in Miami, at age 81.

Amaro was involved with baseball for 58 years, most with the Phillies. He won a Gold Glove with the team in 1964, then became first base coach and was part of the coaching group when the Phillies won their first World Series title in 1980. He also played for the St. Louis Cardinals (1958 ), The New York Yankees (1966-68) and the California Angels (1969).

He returned to the Phillies in 1999 and served for eight years as a minor league coordinator, scout and player development consultant, as well as manager in the Gulf Coast League. His last position was scout of the Astros of Houston, between 2010-16.

Amaro was widely admired in the baseball world in Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

His son, Ruben Amaro Jr., was assistant general manager and general manager of the Phillies between 1999-2015. He is now a first baseman for the Boston Red Sox.

“As a young fanatic in the early 60’s, I had the privilege of admiring the fantastic class of Rubén Amaro padre as shortstop of the Phillies. Ten years later, Ruben was my co-worker with the Phillies, ” said Philadelphia executive director David Montgomery, according to a statement from the club.

His best major league campaign was in 1964, in which the Phillies were second in the National League behind San Luis, who beat the Yankees in that year’s World Series. He batted for .264 in that season, playing all four positions in the indoor four.

After the 1965 season, Amaro was traded to the Yankees by Phil Linz. It coincided with Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris in the team of Yankees in 1966. Culminà ³ its race in 1969, with the Angels of California.


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