The Cardinals receive a strong sanction from the Major Leagues for the hacking of information

The punishment came to the Cardinals of San Luis for their actions of information hacking to the Houston Astros and the Major Leagues were very hard when applying a corrective example.

The Major Leagues ordered the Cardinals to relinquish their first two picks this year and pay $ 2 million to the Astros as compensation for hacking their e-mail system and the database of their talent search program .

Commissioner Rob Manfred suspended for life Cardinal’s former assistant director of talent, Christopher Correa, and took away from San Luis the general selections of number 56 and 75 of the draw for next June.

The team will also have to pay the Astros two million dollars over the next 30 days.

Correa pleaded guilty to five counts of unauthorized access to a protected computer from 2013 at least until 2014 and in July of last year he was sentenced by a federal judge to 46 months in prison and to pay the Astros $ 279,038 in restitution .

At the time of his dismissal in early July 2015, Correa served as director of baseball promotion for the Cardinals.

Before announcing his sentence in 2016, Correa stated through a letter to feel “overwhelmed by remorse and repentance.”

“I violated my own values, I was wrong. I behaved shamefully,” he said at the time. “This whole episode represents the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Prosecutors said Correa’s actions cost the Astros $ 1.7 million, taking into account their use of information to select players.

Now the Texan team will receive a greater amount in financial compensation and the Cardinals are virtually without a selection in the college draw next summer.

The current Astros general manager, American Jeffrey Luhnow, before reaching his position in the Houston team had been responsible for the Cardinals’ quarry.

“We believe that the sanction imposed by the Major Leagues is a clear message to all the teams of the majors in maintaining a faultless conduct in everything related to the transparency and respect to the work of each organization,” declared the Astros through a statement.


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