President of the Athletics stated that the priority of the team is to have a new stadium

Dave Kaval was recently elected as the new president of the Oakland Athletics and yesterday was invited to the program MLB Network Radio to talk about his new role and there he knew that the main objective of the team at the moment is to have a new stadium.

“We need a place to build a truly iconic stadium in Oakland, that would transform our ability to invest in the payroll of the team, which would give us the chance To bring championships to the city, “Kaval said.

Since 1995 the Athletics have had to share the stadium with the NFL Oakland Raiders team and it has already become a real necessity for the team to have their own space.


  • catcher01_fred says:

    The priority is to start winning more games and concentrate in the fans that are the actual payers of the team.

  • stevenfox says:

    The team needs a new stadium to bring more revenue. A more impressive stadium will drag more fans which equals more money to bring better players.

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