Philadelphia, the team with the most defeats in MLB history

There is a reason why Rocky is still Philadelphia’s spoiled sports star. It is that in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ they are not very accustomed to winning, and even Rocky did not begin his path to fame with triumphs. They are, backed by numerical evidence, the most loser team in Major League history. They add 10,741 losses, 309 more than their closest tracker. His .472 winning percentage is only surpassed by five franchises, all of them from the era of expansion, and in 134 years of history they barely boast two championships, seven league titles and 14 trips to the postseason. There are not many arguments to defend its history, and for that matter, the city.

Owner: John S. Middleton **

No wonder Middleton is a philanthropist, after all, his franchise has given away many victories throughout history. The tobacco tycoon acquired a percentage in 1994 and in 1998 became a majority partner, bringing the team to the brightest lapse of its history between 2007 and 2011.

General Manager: Matt Klentak **

Matt Klentak is an important part of the wave of management of the new school in a sport that seeks to revolutionize in any way. A scholar of scholarly knowledge, Klentak, 37, became involved in management in the major leagues immediately after graduating in economics at the prestigious University of Dartmouth. With studies of knowledge and economics, he has the tools to be a successful general manager and his first job in the position is not simple because he must start a radical reconstruction practically from scratch. For his fortune, he has a very flexible payroll and a lot of young talent.

Coach: Pete Mackanin

Pete Mackanin was always relay, never pilot … until last year. After three seasons as a seasoned midfield manager with Pirates, Reds and Phillies, Philadelphia finally handed the team reins to Mackanin for the 2016 campaign and the result was an eight-game improvement over the previous year. A similar progress this season would have the Phillies chasing the .500. Mackanin has an extensive resume as a branch manager and as a banking and third-base major league coach. In addition, with Venezuela was champion of the Series of the Caribbean to the front of the Eagles of Zulia in the edition of 1989.

Her great star: Odúbel Herrera

With just two seasons in the majors, the Venezuelan has established himself as one of those old-school players. Fast, explosive and with a defense of first level, Herrera is the young leader of a team that advances towards the protagonism.

Offensive star: Maikel Franco

No one is going to confuse Maikel Franco with Mike Schmidt … yet. Well, that may never happen because there are not many people on this planet who can compare to the legendary Phillies third baseman, but Franco has the possibility of becoming a star with his own light. It should not be forgotten that facing his second full season in the major leagues the Dominican is only 23 years old. Franco made an immediate impact when he took over ownership in mid-2015 and has since deployed tremendous power with 39 homers in his season and a half in the major leagues. However, the inexperience has charged a very high bill with a batting of just .258 and big bumps offensive.

Pitcher star: Jerad Eickhoff

Often the pitchers who finish a campaign with 11-14 are not eligible to appear in this space but Eickhoff is the exception. The centerpiece of the change that sent Cole Hamels to the Rangers, the 26-year-old right-hander had barely had his first MLB experience in 2016. And do not let the losing record deceive you, Eickhoff did not do anything wrong, as evidenced by his respectable 3.65 ERA in 33 starts. His only sin is the lack of experience, and that is exposed with his five appearances in which allowed at least five races, which countered stellar performances as his nine games in which allowed one or fewer races. Not bad for a first campaign.

Citizens Bank Park: The House of Philly Phanatic

The teams of the city are not exactly the most winning, but will not be discovered by their stadium. That applies in particular to the Phillies, who premiered a stately eco house in 2004, the first 100% adherence to the guidelines of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency still lacking in mystique and anecdotes (almost all courtesy of their colorful fans) Which had its predecessor the Veterans Stadium, Citizens Bank Park has been consecrated as one of the favorite points of the place.


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