New rule in MLB: intentional ball base without pitches

The Major Leagues seek to improve the rhythm of play in a game, and one of the proposals is to dispense with the four pitches when it is decided to grant base by intentional ball.

As part of its initiative to accelerate gaming, Major League Baseball (MLB), a governing body of professional baseball in the United States, passed a change to the rule of intentional walking, going from the traditional four-pitch walk to a Signal from the dugout.

MLB has made formal proposals to the players’ union to reach an agreement to increase the strike zone and discard the practice of throwing four pitches to the plate to give an intentional base, ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported.

Getting rid of the traditional intentional walk would eliminate approximately one minute of downtime. At a time when intentional foundations have actually been declining (there were only 932 throughout last season (one every 2.6 games), the saving moment would be minimal. However, the MLB insisted that making the four pitches is outdated.


  • jean5476 says:

    Horrible horrible horrible decision! Come on? really? just call it and that is it? I mean sure it will save time, but how much time?


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