National’s Manager tells Orioles to ‘stop whining’

A rescheduled game has only caused problems between the Orioles and the Nationals, with Washington general manager Mike Rizzo telling his neighbors to “stop whining.”

The problem stems from the game Thursday, won by Washington 6-1, which was rescheduled since May 11 due to a storm that never arrived.

After Thursday night’s loss, Orioles manager Buck Showalter joked that the weather was “slightly better” than in May.

Rizzo was not interested in Showalter’s sarcastic remarks as Thursday’s game replaced a day off following a nine-game West Coast trip to Washington. The Orioles had played Wednesday at home – less than 40 miles away from D.C.

“It rained all day that day and the forecast said it would rain until 9:30 or 10,” Rizzo told the Washington Post, recalling the events of May 11. “I sat in Buck’s office at 6:30, and we talked about that for 20 minutes, he was 100% on board, he did not say anything about not canceling the game.

“Their General Manager [Dan Duquette] was nowhere to be found for three or four hours.” We wanted to play the next day, they refused to play, so the next day [free] was Thursday. We fly 3,000 miles, and we beat them, so stop whining, stop whining.

While a regular season interleague defeat that resulted in a division of the series often would not lead to much drama, Showalter struck more in the nature of the team’s rescheduled game.

“Many of the byproducts of the cancellation,” Showalter said, probably referring to his team not having two starters (Adam Jones and Manny Machado) due to injuries and a lesser announced pitcher on the mound for the rescheduled game (Alec Asher the Thursday, as opposed to Dylan Bundy in May).

The Nationals, who have won eight of their last 11 games, are now in the middle of a seven-game series, while the Orioles have lost four of their last six and are working through an eight-game swing. The two teams are not scheduled to play again this season.

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