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MLB Trade Rumors

The Mets on Friday designated right-hander Matt Harvey after he refused assignment to the minors. While Harvey was fully within his rights to refuse said assignment, it almost certainly means his days with the Mets — the organization with which he’s spent his entire career to days — are over.

While releasing Harvey seems the most likely course of action, the Mets still have time to work out a trade, provided they can find an interested party. On that front, here’s this from Jon Morosi …

The Rangers right now rank 11th in the AL with a rotation ERA of 5.20, and they rank 14th in the AL with a rotation FIP of 5.23. In other words, they could use the help, especially how many pitching injuries they’ve deal with at the moment.

Harvey, though, is of course hardly a sure thing. Consider these #HarveyFacts …

  • Harvey since the start of the 2016 season has pitched to a 5.93 ERA with a middling 2.01 K/BB ratio.
  • Harvey fared even worse after being demoted to the bullpen not long ago, albeit across a tiny sample of just six innings.
  • Harvey has previously undergone Tommy John surgery, and he’s yet to pitch effectively since undergoing Thoracic Outlet surgery in July of 2016. He’s pitched 119 2/3 innings since that procedure, and over that span he’s got an ERA of 6.77 and a K/BB ratio of 1.55.
  • His average fastball velocity has declined from a peak of 97.0 mph to 2013 to 93.3 mph this season.
  • He’s eligible for free agency this upcoming offseason.
  • Fair or not, Harvey is perceived at times to have a questionable commitment to his craft.

You can argue he’s worth a low-cost flyer, certainly. Perhaps the Rangers are particularly well positioned given Warthen’s presence. In part, that’s why we listed the Rangers as a possible landing spot for Harvey not long after the Mets DFA’d him. You can add the Giants to that list now that Johnny Cueto’s status is up in the air. Either way, expect a resolution soon.

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