MLB Power Rankings: Sizing up the American League playoff contenders

The actual Major League Baseball players can’t start thinking ahead to the playoffs yet. I mean, OK, so the Dodgers probably can and it won’t much matter, but everyone else still has roughly 5 1/2 weeks of games remaining. Most of the majors still has a legitimate shot at making the postseason.

The AL wild card race in particular is going to be tons of fun down the stretch and there’s no telling who actually comes away with those two spots. The NL wild card chase still has a chance to be interesting. The NL Central figures to be a race as well.

In glancing around the standings, though, there are several races that are a foregone conclusion and I can’t help but let my mind wander a bit toward the American League playoffs. I’m allowed. I’m not a player. You readers remind me often of this fact (that I’m not a player, I should clarify — you often also tell me I’m not allowed to have an opinion but that’s only because we’re such good friends and you’re ribbing me).

When I do think about the potential AL playoffs, I’m giddy, because there’s almost nothing that would surprise me. Let’s take a look at what figures to be the three division winners and the possibilities.

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