Miami Marlins sale negotiations progress in MLB

This could have been the last maiden game at the home of the Miami Marlins under the command of Jeffrey Loria.

Or, in other words, when the Marlins start the 2018 season, the owner could be Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush or anyone other than Loria.

“I would say in terms of the game, we are in the fourth inning of the negotiations, when we had never been past the second,” said team chairman David Samson.

Especially after reading the Forbes magazine report on Major League franchise prices today.

If a couple of months ago, when rumors spread that Loria would be selling to the Marlins in about 1.6 billion dollars seemed crazy, the list released by Forbes makes us, somehow, change their minds.

According to the well-known financial publication, the average price of an MLB franchise is 1.540 million, with the New York Yankees leading the way, valued at 3.7 billion.

The Marlins appear in the 25th place among the 30 teams, with a value of 940 million. And although the figure is still far from the 1,600 claimed by Loria, it could well be negotiated up to 1 billion, depending on how willing to pay the different groups of investors interested in the equipment.

Samson did not want to offer a time limit for the sale to be made, although he was inclined to consider that it will happen before the end of the new season.

Never before the All-Star Game, which will be held at Marlins Park in July, but perhaps before the playoffs arrive.

” I think Jeffrey (Loria) is willing to hear about the sale now by a bunch of factors. Your moment in life, your assessment of what you have achieved on and off the ground. Even the tragedy of Jose Fernandez may have been a factor in all this, “explained the club president.

Loria bought the Marlins in 2002 and a year later took them to conquer the second World Series in the history of the franchise.

But the romance with the fan ended soon, when he submitted the team to what he called “market correction,” a euphemistic name for dismantling almost similar to that carried out by the first owner of the franchise, Wayne Huizenga, in 1998, A year after winning the October 1997 classic.

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