Mets Yoenis Céspedes, the soul of Cuba in New York

The 2017 campaign can mark Yoneis Céspedes’ definitive explosion and perhaps a season of glory for the New York Mets who have not celebrated a World Series triumph since 1986 when they defeated the Boston Red Sox.

Impressive the training that is undergoing the Cuban gardener who for the first time in the race seems to be able to be a long time in a team, thanks to a four-year contract that has just signed with the Queens neighborhood team.

Céspedes, born in the province of Granma, has been a star in the National Series wearing the Alazanes jersey and in the majors began emphasizing with the A’s of Oakland. It is one of the purest talents that Cuban baseball has produced in recent years.

After two very good seasons in 2012 and 2013, in the campaign he was flying with his teammates in the bay, nevertheless it was exchanged and arrived in Red Sox that no longer had options of postseason. From there he changed three teams in less than three seasons (Boston, Detroit and Mets) before he could finally sign the new contract in New York. Here is being proposed as one of the cracks of the National League. His power with the bat is really impressive and the Mets have many options to compete and excel in a very complicated division.

We do not forget that the Washington Nationals will be in the fight and the Atlanta Braves want to open their new venue with a memorable course. But the Mets will be there and a Céspedes at stellar levels could be one of the keys to success.

It would be another Cuban who would reach the glory on American soil.


  • stevenfox says:

    About time he takes a long contract and he better do his best if he wants to be a champ. That is how every player should train.

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