London loving the fact of a possible game between Red Sox and Yankees

The Olympic Stadium in London will open its doors to welcome the protagonists of the greatest rivalry in the history of sport. It’s not a fantasy, it’s a very specific subject that the owners of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees are discussing alongside the top officials of Major League Baseball.

There is talk of the possibility of playing a series of regular season in the British city in the year 2018 and of bringing to the UK more series. Also the Mets have expressed interest, within the scope of the new labor agreement that will have a duration of 5 years.

It would be an absolutely historic event. For the first time it would play a Major League game in Europe and also would be the two most beloved and famous teams of the planet would face each other in a regular season game outside US territory.

The Yankees and the Red Sox have already played regular season games in Tokyo, but their opponents were the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A’s, that is, teams with less pull and representatives from small markets. In this case, however, the Major Leagues want to do things in a big way in the attempt to exploit the European market as the other major American professional leagues have done. In London there have already been several NFL and NBA games, but a Red Sox – Yankees is an event that surpasses any precedent.

Curious the fact that it will probably be played in the stadium of an Olympic Games in which baseball was not present, will actually return in 4 years in Tokyo. England is not a country with a tradition of baseball, but London is a global city that would welcome this star duel very well.

The two European countries with the most tradition in the sport of diamonds are Holland, thanks also to the great influence of Aruba and Curaçao, and Italy. Nevertheless, Spain is growing and it demonstrates the second place that they have obtained in the last continental contest, being defeated only by the Dutch set.

We do not forget that the Netherlands, who won a world title in 2011 winning in the historic final of Panama to Cuba, has reached the semifinals of the last World Baseball Classic in 2013, losing only against the Dominican Republic who is the current champion of the world.

Perhaps in the future you can play matches in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Milan, Madrid or Barcelona.

The hope is that the idea will reap success and that the expansion of baseball in Europe will continue. We have in mind that already in Asia, especially Japan and Korea, and in Central America and the Caribbean, the Major League has a huge media monitoring.

In a few months we will know if the Red Sox – Yankees in London will be and if the European fans will be able to admire their idols more closely although the greatest hope is to be able to see very soon several players of the European school to triumph in the other Side of the puddle.


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