Justin Verlander misses Astros World Series parade for his wedding to Kate Upton

Verlander was not at the parade, and as far as reasons to miss a celebration the likes of this one go “getting married to Kate Upton” seems like a pretty great excuse. It’s certainly hard to hold that against him while watching the festivities unfurl in Houston.

The offseason is just starting for baseball, and there will be many trade rumors and random free agency murmurs floating around over the next few months as baseball resets for another season.

But before all the serious, legitimate rumors that actually have to do with what happens on the field arrive, I’m going to grade a rumor that popped up right after the Astros won the World Series for the first time in the team’s history.

Justin Verlander, one of the many heroes of the postseason for the Astros, hasn’t been an Astro for long. But he finally won the World Series he couldn’t quite get while in Detroit and the celebratory parade is happening on Friday afternoon in Houston.

The thing is, Verlander might not even be there to bask in the adoration of hundreds of thousands of fans as confetti falls, since he’s reportedly getting married this week.

The rumor is that because his planned wedding to Kate Upton is in Italy, he won’t be able to do both and is therefore skipping the parade and going straight to Europe.



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