Jose Domínguez suspended 142 games for showing up positive on a doping test!

Jose Domínguez, a San Francisco Giants pitcher and a four-year Major League veteran, was suspended for a second time in an analysis of the girls’ anti-doping program.

Jose Domínguez recorded a 1-0 record and a 5.05 ERA in 34 reliever outings for San Diego last year. AP Photo / David Zalubowski
The 26-year-old right-hander with the Sacramento-affiliated Triple-A Pacific Coast League tested positive for the use of stanozolol synthetic steroid metabolites, the commissioner’s office announced Thursday. Domínguez had received a 50-game suspension in September 2009 while playing in the Dominican summer league after testing positive for stanozolol.

He was awarded another 25-game suspension in November 2012 when he played in Double A for an unspecified infringement.

Dominguez recorded a 1-0 record and a 5.05 ERA in 34 relievers for San Diego last year and is 2-0 and 4.82 ERA in 12 starts and 40 relay performances with the Los Angeles Dodgers (2013- 14), Rays of Tampa Bay (2015) and the Padres (2016).

Four other players were suspended under the minor leagues program. Venezuelan left-hander Miguel Sulbaran of the Yankees’ New York affair in Double A was punished with 25 games for committing an undisclosed infringement, and three Dominican rights were suspended 72 matches each for positive stanozolol metabolites: Frank Incarnation and Andy Taveras, of Seattle Mariners; As well as Jose Ramirez of the Detroit Tigers.

This year 24 players have been suspended under the anti-doping minor league program.
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