JaCoby Jones needed 9 points on the lip after ball hit him

Detroit Tigers central fielder JaCoby Jones needed nine stitches to repair a cut on his lip after a blow to the face for a quick ball Saturday, but he did not lose his teeth and feels “lucky” not to suffer Something worse.

“My teeth still hurt, but they said everything was intact and they were still there,” Jones told reporters, according to MLB.com. “I still have to have a CT scan when I go back to Detroit, everything feels normal, I can bite, it’s just my lip. My teeth are sore, but other than that, I feel like I’ve been pierced.

“It could have hit all my teeth or hit my eye. I’m lucky it hit me on my big lip and just made it bigger.It’s all good.”

Jones came in the third inning against Minnesota on Saturday when he was hit in the left side of his mouth by a 90 mph fastball from Twins reliever Justin Haley. Jones fell but jumped up, threw his helmet and ran down the third base line toward the Tigers bench. He was greeted by manager Brad Ausmus and a trainer, who put a towel on Jones’ bleeding mouth. Jones was later taken to the hospital.

Detroit starter Matthew Boyd was ejected two innings later when he threw behind Miguel Sanó of the Twins, who pointed his finger at Boyd and shouted for the mound. Tigers catcher James McCann stepped in and seemed to put his glove on Sanó’s face, who immediately reacted with a fist to McCann’s mask and chest protector.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving near the plate when the benches and bullpens emptied, but there did not seem to be any other punches thrown. Sanó and Boyd were expelled.

Jones was placed on the disabled list 10 days before the Sunday game in Minnesota. Ausmus said on Sunday it did not expect Jones to be out for so long.

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