Grade-A baseball grump heroically throws back other person’s home run ball

If you were watching Game 5 and trying to stay awake through extra innings and casually were wondering “what’s something I should never do at a baseball game?” you have your answer.

Of course, there are lots of things you should never do at a baseball game, but this is definitely one of them.

In the ninth inning of the never-ending Game 5, Yasiel Puig hit a two-run home run to left field and a fan caught it. That happens all the time, and even when it’s an opposing player who hit the homer, sometimes the fan wants to keep the ball as a souvenir.

Well, this lady didn’t get to make that choice, because a guy standing next to her and her game-watching partner grabbed it out of her hand and threw it back on the field.

It seems like he is their friend, but if this is some random stranger unilaterally taking home run balls away, that makes it so much worse.

The middle guy goes from extremely happy to extremely pissed in the span of a few seconds, but the woman almost has the more appropriate reaction as she stands there stone-faced watching her ball return to the home from whence it came.

Just a truly uncool move by that guy. Learn from this, buddy. And don’t do it again.

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