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    Brush name: Angle shape Sable hair Eye shadow brush
    Material: Eco-friendly Wood handle
    Aluminum ferrule
    Top quality Sable hair
    Hair: 8mm/13mm (could be customized)
    Ferrule: 7.5mm*40mm(could be customized)
    Handle: 7.5mm*105mm(could be customized)

    We pick top quality sable hair in order to create outstanding brushes. Sable hair is very soft and it has the cuticle structure to hold and trap powders. It is able to deliver and apply make-up more effectively. The bristle is the softest natural makeup brush bristles on the market.
    This sable hair eyeshadow brush, apply colors and blend the eyeshadow evenly.
    This angle shape eye shadow has good strength to pick up eyeshadow, apply and blend eye shadows evenly over the large area of eyelid and eye socket. It can also be used to shape the nose and create deeper eyes.Angle Shape Eyeshadow Brush factory

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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