Dominican Republic Albert Pujols, an Indomitable Warrior

In the wake of Albert Pujols ‘600th bambinazo, Los Angeles Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia highlights the virtues and contribution of the experienced Dominican player to the cause of Don Arte Moreno’s team.

“It’s something very special for him to be able to reach this number of home runs to which only a select group of players has come. And Albert still has much to give. I am sure he will continue to make history, because he is a very special athlete. I have seldom seen a player who performs so well, who produces what he produces, despite playing, in many instances, with physical discomfort. It’s something that Albert has done throughout his career, “said Scioscia during his press briefing ahead of the first duel against the Minnesota Twins on Thursday in Anaheim, California.

“Beisbolism, the power, that can allow you to achieve that impressive figure of 600 home runs, is combined with other factors, such as longevity, consistency, to produce those results. Because there are cases of players who in a campaign shoot 40 homers, and then disappear from the map, due to injuries, or other factors. Albert is a player with very special attributes, with an instinct and a mental and physical capacity made for this game ”.


Jose Mota (Narrator of the Angels games): ” The impact of Albert Pujols, go beyond the equipment, the field of play. Because one must recognize his work in favor of children with Down Syndrome, with poor Latino and Dominican families, with whom he is committed not only with a significant economic contribution, but also, spending time with them, making presence To personally deliver mattresses, baskets, groceries and that’s more important than just signing a check. ”


Amaury Pi-González (Cuban, commentator of the Angels games): “With Mike Trout out of the lineup, Pujols takes on the most important role in the team’s offense. He is a man who has achieved such great things throughout his career, based on talent, but it is also important to emphasize his enormous discipline, which only thinks of arriving every day at the ball park, to play baseball. He continues to prepare in the same way to play every day, regardless of whether he finds a home run to reach that fantastic figure of 600, when he tried to reach 200. It is very consistent and this is demonstrated with all the success that has Had in his career, despite his injuries. “

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