Dodgers spin their sixth win and climb to the top division

Chase Utley, Logan Forsythe and Chris Taylor combined to base themselves 11 times and produce six runs in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ duel on Tuesday 9-4 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Utley was a homer to hit the cycle, and the Dodgers scored their sixth consecutive victory, the best streak they have had in the season. Forsythe hit five times, three with tickets, while Taylor hit the trails three times.

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A sacrifice fly by Mexican Adrian Gonzalez and a Utley producing double began the Dodgers’ comeback in the third inning. Enrique Hernandez tied the match 3-3 with a single, and a mistake in a pitch by Paul DeJong during the same play allowed Utley to reach home to put the slate in 4-3.

Michael Wacha (2-3) needed 77 pitches to solve three innings. It was the shortest start by a Cardinals starter in this campaign.
Three of Wacha’s four races were clean.
Brandon Morrow (1-0) took the win, as one of six relievers employed by Los Angeles.

For the Dodgers, Cubans Yasmani Grandal 5-1 with a scored, Yasiel Puig 4-0 with a towed. Mexican Gonzalez 3-1 with an annotated and produced. Hernandez 3-1 with a run scored and two pushed. The Venezuelan Franklin Gutierrez without an official turn but with an impetus.

For the Cardinals, the Yadier Molina of 4-2 with an annotated and three impelled. The Cuban Aledmys Diaz 4-0. Jhonny Peralta of 3-1. The Venezuelan Jose Martinez of 4-1.

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