Dodgers beat Padres with 2 homers by Barnes

Austin Barnes hit two homers and drove in seven runs and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat a San Diego Padres by 10-4 on Friday.

Barnes shook the first grand slam of his career and a three-run homer. The managers were not present to watch it as Dave Roberts and Andy Green carried out an altercation that earned them the expulsion between the first and second episodes.

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Justin Turner hit three hits in three at-bats with a two-run homer. The Dodgers set a new mark on the franchise at the end of June with 53 homers, more than any other month in its history.

Alex Wood (9-0) clinched the win after admitting a run in six innings and improving his effectiveness to 1.83. The Dodgers starter shouted at the Dominican runner of Padres Jose Pírela in the first and later participated in the altercation between the managers.

The umpire of the plate, Greg Gibson, issued a warning to the two teams after the dispute between Wood and Pírela.

For the Dodgers, Enrique Hernandez 5-1, with a score. The Cuban Yasiel Puig of 4-1.

By the Padres, the Venezuelans Jose Pírela of 4-1; Héctor Sánchez of 1-1, with an annotated and two impelled; Luis Torrens 2-0; Carlos Asuaje of 4-1. The Dominicans Manuel Margot 4-1, with an annotated; Erick Aybar of 2-0. Panamanian Allen Cordoba 0-0, with an annotated and a driven.

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