Cuba hides bats, gloves and ball in protest against the MLB

After Cuba’s pallid performance in the World Baseball Classic, island fans clamored loudly for the national team to be called up to the players who shine in the majors to avoid a new ridicule in the next edition of the event, In 2021.

But at the same time, the government-controlled media have launched a furious campaign to try to quell the popular demand and blame it for the failure of the once-powerful Cuban squad to the Major Leagues and the deteriorating trade embargo that barely Persists

Under the title Who hides bats ?, the newspaper Juventud Rebelde publishes an article full of inaccurate data to mask with a smokescreen the true and only reason why Cuba does not have its players of the Elderly: lack of political will To do what is clearly an unavoidable necessity.

Since a year before the WBC, many players in the Major League have expressed their willingness to defend the jersey of the island and when the idea began to take heat, Antonio Becali, president of INDER, governing body of the sport on the island, Was in charge of cooling it by ensuring that only the different international commitments would be faced with players who remained linked to the Cuban sports movement.

In other words, only those over whom the regime had absolute control.

The thesis of the Juventud Rebelde article, signed by Norland Rosendo, collapses like a house of cards after the declarations two days later of the interim commissioner of baseball, Yosvani Aragón, who in an interview reaffirmed the refusal to summon “traitors and deserters” .

So it is Cuba who hides not only the bats, but also the gloves and the ball.


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