Arrieta hopes to stay with the Chicago Cubs this season

Jake Arrieta is hoping to finalize a new contract that will keep him with the Chicago Cubs before he becomes eligible for free agency once the 2017 season ends.

However, the ace is aware that it could be his last year with the team if negotiations do not fructify.

In this October 26, 2016 image, Chicago Cubs starter Jake Arrieta works the first inning of the second game of the World Series against the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland. Arrieta is hoping to receive a contract extension with the Cubs before being eligible for free agency at the end of the 2017 campaign, however, he is also aware that it could be his last year with the team if negotiations are not Materialize

The law awarding the National League Cy Young in 2015 signed an agreement last month for $ 15,637,500 to avoid wage arbitration. As the reigning World Series champions prepare for the first practice of pitchers and catchers, Arrieta insisted Wednesday, when the spring camp opens, that will not allow his future to become a distraction.

“I think there is an open dialogue and I think there will be talks. It is not my main priority,” Arrieta acknowledged. “I just wanted to focus on my health, to get to the camp well rested and in the best possible way.If we have these conversations, we will sit, raise our goals and see if we can achieve something. day”.

Arrieta came to the Cubs in a trade with Baltimore in 2013 and last year helped them end a 108-year drought without titles.

The 30-year-old right-hander followed his 22-game winning streak and Cy Young with a 18-8 and 3.10 ERA in 31 starts, with 197 innings and a third. He won the second and sixth games of the World Series and the Cubs won the Cleveland Indians in the seventh and decisive match.

Manager Joe Maddon is not worried about whether Arrieta will be ready and will be able to put his future work situation aside.

“It could honestly be something positive for him and for us,” Maddon said. “Obviously if you’re in that year, you want to make the most effort to get the best contract possible next season.” We met this morning with Jake. “I’ve said it several times, but I’m always impressed with our boys when they cross that door. He wants to make all his starts, he only thinks about winning, he said he wants to make all his starts for the guys, that’s his current mentality. “


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