Are the MLB Chicago Cubs invincible?

No Major League team has been able to revalidate the World Series championship since the New York Yankees triplet in 1998-2000.

Can the Chicago Cubs break that pattern?

After an agonizing drought of 108 years without crowning, the Cubs go for more. Revalidating the title is the first step in becoming a major league baseball dynasty.

They return with one of the most complete teams in offense, defense and pitching. Kris Bryant – the reigning Most Valuable Player – and Anthony Rizzo lead the attack; Will be able to count from the beginning with the exceptional swing left of Kyle Schwarber; Jon Lester and Jaker Arrieta command one of the best rotations of the majors; And the bullpen has been renovated with closer Wade Davis and reliever Koji Uehara.

Under that premise, manager Joe Maddon now preaches the goodness of humility.

“Our north is humility. Nothing else changes, everything remains the same,” Maddon said. “As for ‘the same’, I mean the methods … What enabled us to deal with the words ‘pressure’ and ‘expectations’ last year was that we stayed true to our process of doing the

Something essential within the methods of the Cubs are the irreverent occurrences of their pilot. In a sarcastic way, while talking about the importance of modesty, Maddon took a Ferrari to the ground during a training in Arizona.

Yes, the Cubs are favorites to repeat as champions. Not even losing Schwarber in the third game of last season prevented them from winning 103 games and overcoming the sideral difference of 17 games and a half to San Luis, their immediate pursuers in the Central Division of the National League.

They have the versatility of Javier Báez to perform in different positions in case other owners are injured. Although they have had to drop several quality prospects in recent years, Theo Epstein and the other brains of the organization still have talents, such as outfielder Eloy Jimenez (14 homers and 81 RBIs in Class A last year) .

But nobody is invincible. Here are five factors that could make life hard for you:


They participated in a World Series that culminated the dawn of 2 November, and in the previous year they reached the series of championship of the Old Circuit. Combining the regular season and postseason in the last two courses, Lester and Arrieta add 468 innings pitched. Kyle Hendricks, leader of effectiveness in 2016, adds 403. John Lackey accumulates 429, as he threw with the Cardinals in the playoffs of 2015. Lester, Arrieta and Lackey are thirty-something.

Are we in the presence of a dynasty? The Cubs have the last word. Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Another fact: five of their starters reached the 29 starts last year. The only one that does not follow is Jason Hammel, who signed with Kansas City.


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