Alcides Escobar aims to stay with the Royals

Alcides Escobar shouted, without stopping, to a pair of Latin American journalists: “We started with two hits and if God sends me two more tomorrow, I’ll grab them.” It was not a statement to the press, but he agreed later that those words would be published, because it really reflects the resurgent enthusiasm of the Venezuelan paracorto of the Kansas City Royals.

His words were prophetic. With the start of a two-game mini-series swept by the Royals over the Giants in San Francisco, Escobar went on to shoot eight hits over a span of four games to raise his average by more than 20 points, rather difficult when the player Accumulates about 250 shifts in mid-June of a Major League season.

Escobar, who is usually very lavish on the offense to the point that he was the Most Valuable Player of the American League Championship Series against the Toronto Blue Jays with an average of .478 in 2015, acknowledged that maybe he had a lot of things Tucked into the head and so his performance with the wood was not optimal in the first months of the current campaign.

“I do not think he’s thinking too much about other things,” said the Royals leader, Ned Yost. “It was just a rough start to his season and he hit a lot of balls, but he did not get his hits, which was bad luck.” The same thing happened to [ranger] Alex Gordon, but the two of them Are giving much better to the ball these days. ”

The average Escobar, a native of La Sabana, on the Venezuelan Central Coast, fell to the .167, but Yost has never lost faith in the paracorto that was also under his tutelage when they were part of the Milwaukee Brewers.

“You can not look at a week or a month to qualify a player’s performance, especially with veteran guys who have played in the majors for many years,” Yost said. “They are going to have bad years, but in a way they are going to approach their rules to the offensive.” It is a very long season. His bat speed is excellent and he shatters the ball in the strike zone. It only takes some of those sticks to begin to find holes. “

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